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God is interested in our health and well-being. This is made clear from the very first chapters of the Bible. The biblical prescription for our happiness, as found in Genesis, points to a relationship with our Creator, pure air, clean water, a vegetarian diet, companionship, physical activity, weekly rest, a life close to nature and a necessary preservation of the environment.

More than 3000 years later, science has not found better principles than those to enhance health and improve longevity. Indeed studies are pointing every day more and more to the benefits or a lifestyle that resemble to the Eden ones. The great benefits linked with the implementation of those principles can be seen in the long life, mental vitality and happiness of today’s centenarians as presented by the Blue Zones studies for instance. But those secrets of longevity are not to be the privilege of few; they have been given for each and every one to enjoy a life in abundance.

As a matter of fact the world in which we live is no longer Eden. Every day the news are bringing reports about violence, injustice, discriminations, disasters, famines, diseases, broken relationships and massive environmental pollution and damages. In these conditions we cannot expect anymore a world completely free of disease and suffering. But the onset of many chronic and acute diseases can still be prevented through the use of the simple but powerful health principles mentioned above.

To make this tools and information available we have designed this Health Campaign 2015 with one new health topic presented each month. Discover our posts, ready-to print materials and video clips. All of these are available and can be freely downloaded from our website.

So for whom is this Campaign?

It is first of all for YOU to enjoy a better physical health, a higher level of energy, more meaningful relationships, a greater mental vigor or a renewed spiritual life. But the Campaign is not only for you. It is also for YOUR FRIENDS, neighbors, work colleagues and relatives who long for improvements of their life and health.

You can enjoy health & share healing. Join the Campaign!

What better time than now?

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